Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Finale to the Love Story Dress


As my projects go, the dress lost some steam.  The skirt I made I later re-purposed to another dress.  I re-purposed the corset for a gift for a friend.  The only thing I have left of a dress I spent so many hours making is a beautiful beaded insert.  Perhaps someday I'll re-purpose that as well for a Sophia present.

I appreciate everyone who followed my blog.  I'll keep it up for anyone who wants to look over what I did and how I went about the dress.

I do have another blog about sewing, crafting, and cooking that just got started.  I'll be sewing a girlfriend's wedding dress- feel free to follow along!

Cheers and Happy Crafting!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Not In Town

Hey readers and folks with questions...
I am not in town!  I'll be out of the state until next year and won't be able to email any adjusted patterns.  A number of people have been asking me questions and I'm just not in a place to answer them.

however- I cannot recommend the laughing moon victorian underwear corset patterns enouth.  They are great!  Simple changes to make them more like taylor swift- angle out the bottom so it makes a point rather than a curve, and create a straight edge on top (like I did not...)  I have since made three laughing moon corsets and they get better every time.  Also- make a mockup first.  Adjust the mockup, not  your nice corset.

I cannot send the corset pattern I made myself.  It is not here.

I'm sorry I'm not around folks!  I'll let you know when
I get back.

- Raquel

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The skirt is started

Today I started the skirt. It was about time. I modified my pattern to the butterick wedding skirt pattern and cut out a panel as I didn't have enough silk. I still don't have the silk for the skirt lining but it'll be got eventually.

So..first I pinned the pattern and cut the gauze. I sewed the initial seams on the skirt layers. The plan is to trim down excess fabric and make French seams in a few days. The gauze is two layers so far- the shorter trained layer of thicker gauze and the outer longer trained skirt wider cut and thinner. The lining will be of dupioni to match the corset.

Pictures? Not yet. I'm still computerless for a few more days and it will have to wait.
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